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Check Out Award-Winning Horizon Home Furniture!

If you have never checked out Horizon Home Furniture, you are in for a treat! Our expansive showroom is filled with unique treasures that aren’t found at your normal, big-box stores. But don’t just take our word for it! Horizon Home Furniture has won many awards over the years that show how much our customers love our store! We are proud that so many people are taking note of how amazing our furniture store is! Read on to see some of our recent awards, and what it is that makes Horizon Home Furniture so special.


We have been ranked on Yelp in the Top 10 Best Furniture Stores in Atlanta, and in the Top 10 Best Furniture Outlets in Atlanta. Out of all the furniture stores in the Atlanta area, what is it that people find so great about us? Here are some of the recent quotes from satisfied customers on Yelp:
  • “Love the eclectic selection...funky, casual, modern, retro, antique, artsy…â€
Our selection is so amazing and unique because of the way we acquire our furniture. We don’t have stock items that we reorder again and again, rather, we are able to buy lots of furniture through some of the best manufacturers in the world. Because we are constantly searching for new furniture finds, and buying out showroom samples and returns (that are in perfect condition!). Our selection is much more vast than your typical furniture store, and we are constantly receiving new products to fill our warehouse with amazing finds.
  • “Pure quality that is reasonably pricedâ€
Our amazing furniture and home decor pieces are offered to you at incredibly low prices. Because we have access to buying huge lots of furniture from various special situations that manufacturers encounter, we can buy at an incredibly low price. We pass these amazing deals on to our customers, and we often can beat prices online by 15 to 30 percent or more! Come see for yourself our amazing prices and selection!
  • “This place is a hidden gemâ€
If you have driven by us and thought we were just another furniture store, think again! We love when our customers get excited after finding us for the first time. Horizon Home Furniture is the only place you can find such amazing deals on quality designer furniture! If you have never visited us, get directions and get ready to fall in love with your new favorite furniture store!


Curbed has been around since 2004, helping inspire and inform people all across the country. Curbed seeks to cover all aspects of creating a home and is “where practical advice meets design inspirationâ€. To this end, they want to connect people with the best stores that can help to add style and design to their homes. Out of all of the furniture stores in Atlanta, Horizon Home ranks in their Top 10 Best Design and Furniture Stores. Curbed strives to offer unique alternatives to traditional furniture options —they call us one of their “anti-IKEA favoritesâ€. They note our expansive showroom and our discounted furnishings as some of the great features that helped us jump on their exclusive list. Come and visit us yourself to see our great selection of living room furniture, dining room furniture, bedroom furniture and more! We also offer amazing live-edge furniture made by craftsmen onsite! Trust the experts at Curbed when they say that our store is where to go for amazing furniture and home inspiration.


You might have already noticed, but we were also ranked one of the Best Furniture Stores in Atlanta 2017 by Expertise. This prestigious award is given only to the best of the best, and Horizon Home Furniture fits that bill! Here are some of the criteria to be named one of the best by Expertise (from their website):
  • Reputation: A history of delighted customers as a signal of outstanding service.
  • Credibility: Building customer confidence with licensing, industry accreditations, and awards.
  • Experience: Masters of their craft, based on years of practical experience and education.
  • Availability: Consistently approachable and responsive, so customers never feel ignored.
  • Professionalism: Providing customers a seamless experience both online and off.
We are so honored to meet all of these criteria, and continually strive to offer the best furniture and experience to our customers. They also note our more than 15 years of industry experience, which has allowed us to seek out the best sources for our furniture offerings. Expertise hand-picked us out of 143 furniture stores in the Atlanta area! They note that our extensive collection can accommodate everyone: “Busy homemakers, business owners, office managers, interior designers, building contractors, architects, and filmmakers.†The reason we can reach such a broad range of people is through our amazing selection that we bring to you through our unique and widespread connections. Let  us help you find the perfect items for your home today! If you are still reading this, and not on your way to Horizon Home Furniture already, you can see that we provide amazing quality and prices, and that our customers have noticed! To stand out in the Atlanta area takes a special store, and Horizon Home Furniture is proud to be included in so many prestigious lists and awards. We take furnishing your home seriously, and we continually strive to bring you new items for your home at amazing prices. Horizon Home Furniture is truly a unique gem in the Atlanta area that you have to check out for your next home living room furniture, bedroom furniture, or decor purchase!
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Making the Most of Your Space

How to Make Your Small Living Room Feel Larger

If your living room feels cramped, dark or crowded, you may not need to knock out a wall just yet. Hold the sledgehammer, and try some of these tricks that can make your room seem larger, and give you more usable space. The right furniture pieces can transform a crowded living room into an airy, open space. And Horizon Home Furniture in Atlanta can help. As a top provider of intermediate to high end furniture at outlet prices, Horizon has remained one of Atlanta’s top furniture sources for designers and home-owners for over 16 years. Visit our 40,000 square foot showroom/warehouse in Atlanta’s Design District and let us become your source for designer furniture brands at unbeatable prices (we are often below wholesale, and typically 15-35% lower than the lowest internet prices). See for yourself why we were named one of the “Best Furniture Stores in Atlanta 2017â€.

How to Easily Identify the Right Size Furniture

If your gigantic sofa is dwarfing the rest of your living room, it may be time to reconsider the scale of your furniture. There are plenty of other options for living room furniture, such as a smaller scale sofa, a loveseat, or several comfortable, coordinating chairs. Don’t feel you must have a large sofa in your living room to provide seating and style. Conversely, having too many small furniture pieces can make a space feel cluttered and messy. It’s always best to optimize space by first starting with a floor plan. Horizon Home Furniture can help you with that very easily and has a great selection of attractive and comfortable sofas and chairs, so you are sure to find something perfect for your small living room. Ask about some of our favorite picks for the Tiny Homes community we are furnishing in Tallahassee.

Consider a Neutral Palette

If your walls are dark, consider painting them a light, neutral color to open up your living room and make it visually larger. Coordinating your furniture with the walls, and keeping everything in a light, neutral palette, can help keep the eye moving around your living room and give the illusion of more space. When you use neutral furniture pieces, you can go more daring with the accessories and art!

Use Mirrors

Mirrors really can make a big difference in a small living room. Many designers adhere to the mantra that every room needs a mirror. This especially rings true in a small space. A mirror across from a window can bounce the natural light around the room and brighten up everything. A large mirror also gives the illusion of more space, visually opening up your living room and making it appear larger. Mirrors are easy to install, inexpensive, and have a great visual impact.

Visually Light Furniture

No matter the size of your furniture, avoiding skirted, low to the ground pieces can open up a small living room. Sofas and tables that sit on thin legs (midcentury styles are great for this!) make a small crowded room seem bigger. At Horizon Home Furniture, we have a huge selection of sofas, tables, benches and chairs that can visually lighten up your living room.

Versatile Furniture

If your living room is really small, you will want each of your furniture pieces to be extremely hardworking. Hidden storage in a bench or coffee table gives access to blankets or TV remotes. A pouf can double as seating or a small side table. A console table is a great option for a surface to put mail, and can also serve as a small desk. Use your imagination to get the most out of each living room furniture piece you choose. Visit our Facebook page to keep updated on our Tiny House reveals.

Draw the Eye Upward

Hanging your curtains near the ceiling, painting trim the same color as walls, and painting the ceiling a contrasting color, or installing floor to ceiling bookshelves, can all help draw the eye upward and open up the space. If a living room is small, utilizing the full ceiling height can help make the space seem larger.

“Float†Your Furniture

Pulling your furniture away from the walls, and floating it somewhere in the center can open up a small living room. Instead of crowding all of the furniture along the edges, and leaving space in the middle, floating your furniture gives more space at the edges of your room, and can create more visual and usable space. Try out different furniture arrangements (again, doing this on paper or letting our in-house designers help you with this - all at no charge) will help you see what configuration gives the most space. In any case, don’t despair! There is no need to completely remodel, when choosing the right furniture and arrangement can have such a big impact. Visit Horizon Home Furniture in Atlanta to shop our amazing selection of living room furniture, and furniture for your entire home. With our designer brands, huge selection, and outlet prices, you are sure to find the perfect pieces to open your living room up today!  
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A Bench For Every Room

Benches serve the utilitarian purpose of seating, obviously, but they are quickly becoming a sought after design element for almost every room in the house. If you are looking to fill an awkward space, provide seating or room for display, or add visual weight and depth to another furniture piece, benches are a great solution. At Horizon Home Furniture we stock a large variety of benches, ottomans and poufs, and we are getting in new truckloads of furniture all the time! We serve the Atlanta area, and love to help people find amazing living room, bedroom and dining room designer furniture at outlet prices. Read on to see if your home could use a bench!

Dining Room

The dining room can be a great place for a bench! A bench can provide more seating, and you can use beautiful upholstered benches in place of chairs at your dining room table. Using a bench instead of chairs gives a clean, streamlined look; the benches can be pushed completely under the table and disappear. This allows whatever decor you have on your table to really shine, and highlights a great table centerpiece. Benches are also great as extra seating, and if you have an expandable dining room table you know that extra seating is nice, but lugging chairs to and from the dining room isn’t. A bench, or a few benches, placed strategically at the edges of a dining room can make extra seating within arm’s reach. Using benches at the edges of the room can also fill in empty spaces, and make a boring dining room space more interesting. Whether you need seating at your dining room table, are always needing extra seats for guests, or have an empty space in your dining room, consider using a bench!


A bedroom might seem like it has no use for a bench, but think again! A great trend in bedroom design utilizes a bench at the foot of the bed. When you choose an upholstered bench, this makes your bed appear larger, and more of a grounded focal point in the room. Of course, a bench in the bedroom also can provide seating, and can be a great place to take a quick break. A bench on a wall of the bedroom can be a place to store extra blankets or throw pillows, and using a boldly patterned blanket or pillow can add design into your room. A low bench can also be a great base for an assortment of plants, to bring some green into your bedroom! Use your imagination, and see where a bench could fit in your bedroom!


A bench in the bathroom? Yes! A bench can get a lot of use in a bathroom: as a place to stack towels, or as an extra seat. If you have a large bathroom, you may have space for an upholstered bench, but if you are worried about moisture, wood is the way to go. Horizon Home Furniture has a great selection of both upholstered and wood benches, and a live edge bench can really make a statement in your bathroom! We are Atlanta’s source for live edge furniture, and we employ local craftsman to make truly special pieces.

Coffee Table

A bench can serve as a coffee table in your living room! Especially if you are limited on space, a bench is a great substitution for a bulky table. Consider a wood bench if you are often needing a place to put food or drinks; this will provide stability and an easy to clean surface. If you love to put your feet up after a long day, an upholstered bench or ottoman gives you a comfortable place. Another great benefit of using a longer, rectangular bench, is the scale it provides to balance a long sofa. A short, square coffee table can oftentimes look too small next to a large sofa, and using a long bench can give your living room great design.

Behind the Sofa

A bench can also be placed behind the back of a sofa to give a spot to incorporate some decorative items into your living room. Using a bench like a console table, you can place plants, lamps, and more behind your sofa to spruce up an empty space. A bench behind a sofa can also provide additional seating, and can define a separate seating area. In addition to going behind a sofa, you can also use benches in place of a sofa, paired with chairs or other seating. Especially if you have a small space, a bench can give seating options without crowding an already small room. Look around your living room to see if a bench is the perfect design element that is missing.

Window Seat

A bench under a window, paired with a cushion or some pillows, can instantly transform the space into a window seat. If you have a window that needs nearby seating, a bench can provide low seating without obstructing the view. If you have a long row of windows, placing several benches next to each other can make one long bench that packs some serious visual punch. Any room can use a window seat, if you have a blank space near a window, consider turning a bench into a window seat.


A more common use of a bench is in an entryway or mudroom. A bench provides the perfect place to take off or put on shoes, and can spruce up a bland entryway. Benches are great for sliding baskets under, to store shoes, hats, sports equipment, or anything else that needs corralling in your entryway. Whether you choose a sleek, modern bench, or a comfortable upholstered bench, bring storage, seating and design into your home with a bench in the entry.


Do you have a party or other gathering coming up that you plan to host outdoors? Benches can provide great, easily portable, outdoor seating and surfaces for food and drinks! If you choose a durable wood bench, such as teak, your bench can stay outdoors and handle some of the elements. An upholstered bench will need to be pulled in after your event, but most benches are lightweight and easy to move. Your backyard will look suddenly elegant and pulled together with the addition of benches, and your next party will have all of the seating and tabletops it needs! So what are you waiting for? You have surely thought of numerous places in your home that could use a fabulous new bench, now head to Horizon Home Furniture in Atlanta to find great benches for your living room, dining room, bathroom, bedroom, or any other place you can think of! Benches are one of the most versatile pieces of furniture, and we have many options for you to choose from—shop today!
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Sofas Make The Room

Choosing a sofa is a big decision. Sofas are arguably the most important piece of furniture in any living room, and it’s often the first decision you make when you’re furnishing the space. There are many factors involved: color, dimension, style, trim… the list goes on. It’s all a little overwhelming. So here are some tips to finding a sofa that is the perfect fit. Shoot for a combined seat height and depth of 40 to 44 inches. This will ensure that you have enough room to sit comfortably without being swallowed up. To avoid constant fluffing, look for a tight back. A sofa with lots of cushions can look great, but the more movable parts, the easier it is to fall into disarray. There are plenty of attractive low-maintenance options. In particular, consider one with a square frame, a single seat cushion and biscuit tufting. Don’t overstuff throw pillows. Pillows that look like they’re about to explode don’t exude comfort. Keep decorative fringes the same color as the sofa fabric. Don’t be afraid to use details like bullion fringes, decorative tape or corded cushion seams; but make sure they match the sofa. It’s not impossible to pull off, but multicolor sofa finishes often come out looking tacky. Avoid sofas with two seat cushions. It’s awkward fitting three people onto two cushions. Either use three cushions or one long one. Don’t be afraid to mix styles. A classic sofa in an otherwise contemporary setting is a bold and fashionable move. When in doubt, chose an English roll arm. There are many styles of sofas out there, but this design goes with almost anything. Place your sofa on the farthest part of the room. It will summon visitors inward. If your room is narrow, don’t make it worse. Put the sofa along the short side of the room to open up the space instead of constricting it. Test the sofa’s sturdiness. Lift one of the front legs up 5 inches. If the other leg is still touching the floor, it’s a weak frame. Measure your elevator’s ceiling height. If you live in a multistory apartment, don’t buy a sofa that’s longer than your elevator is high. Double check this one. You don’t want to end up with a disaster on your hands. Check out Horizon Home Furniture. When you’re in need of a furniture store in Atlanta, Horizon Home Furniture is the best place to go. We have a wide selection of sofas in every size and style! Shop online or check out our massive showroom of furniture in Atlanta.

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