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    What is a Sectional Sofa?

    Sectional sofas refer to sofas that have more than one component. Sectional sofas allow you to configure the sections to fit different decor and room styles and sizes. Because they come in a wide range of different sizes, sectional sofas in Atlanta may be the largest furniture item in the room. Since you can often position the larger main piece with any of the sectional components it is a great option for those that like to redecorate often and change the look of a room. It gives you the ability to create a continually fresh living space.

    Create Your Dream Living Space With Sectional Sofas In Atlanta

    Traditional sofas, and/or a sofa and loveseat combination can limit your decorating options. Choosing sectional sofas in Atlanta gives you greater designing versatility. You have the ability to update a unique living look to suit any area of your home. Sectionals can be used in your living room, office, den, great room or even your bed room.

    Shapes That Fit Your Room

    Sectionals may have non-traditional shapes. Besides the classic L-shape, you can find sectional sofas in our Atlanta showroom that are in a half circle, full circle or a gentle V-shape. Additionally you may find an arch or elongated horseshoe shaped sectional. Various shapes of sectional sofas in Atlanta are perfect for different room designs. Many have matching end tables, or additional cushions. All are designed to allow you to just sit back and put your feet up. Our sofas are available in a variety of colors of upholstery, leather and other fabrics. These are a great feature for any room or decorating style. Come in and see all that we have to offer. We can have your new section to your home in just 24 hours.
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    We've been hard at work to bring you some wonderful new exclusive sofas or couches. Our showroom can be found in the Westside Furniture District of Atlanta, and is outfitted with a broad selection of couches,sectional sofas and sleeper sofas, as well as other types of pieces and accessories. Whether you’re looking for an angular style, box type, high-back style, circular style, or a daybed sofa, we have them. You’re guaranteed to find a design to match your preferences. We carry a wide array of different sofa styles, colors, and brands. For the most part we carry modern, contemporary, transitional, industrial and several styles but very little traditional furniture.

    Sofas Sofas and more Sofas

    We carry a wide array of different sofa and couch styles, colors, and brands. Whether you’re looking for an angular style, box type, high-back style, circular style, or a daybed sofa, you’re guaranteed to find a design to match your preferences. Our contemporary sofas for sale are also available in a variety of colors, from light yellow to green, to red and blue, to black and grey.

    Home & Business

    Our selection of available sofas is sure to meet your needs, regardless of whether you’re interested in furnishing your living room, hotel lobby, or office. If you’re aiming for a conventional yet comfortable sofa for your home, or a couch that complements the decor of your workplace, allow us to aid you in finding the perfect solution.

    Timely Delivery Service

    At Horizon Home, we strive to deliver nothing less than quality and satisfaction. To view our sofa inventory and find appropriate pieces, we encourage customers to visit our Atlanta, GA showroom. If you make a purchase and are unable to transport your new piece, you can rely on our team for speedy delivery service. We’ll have your newly purchased item to you within 24 hours.
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    Chairs can give your room a whole new look...

    A room in any home isn’t complete without comfortable chairs and seating. Comfortable, stylish chairs can make your room, and Horizon Home Furniture offers one of the best chair selections in and around the Atlanta area. We are constantly scouring the market to fill our large showroom in the Westside Design District with great styles and deals. Our extensive inventory of occasional and lounge chairs ranges from updated classic to transitional and modern designs, with looks and prices perfect for upgrading your decor. You will find everything from classic designs to contemporary and ultra-modern styles. With different colors, patterns, styles and fabrics we know that you can find just the chair for any room of your home. Our designers can help you select current colors, patterns, styles and fabrics to help you complete or update any room in your home. For heavy use, consider a patterned or stain resistant upholstery or leather. This is only a small sampling of our chair selection and our everyday low outlet prices.

      For occasional chairs that are used in a bedroom, living room or den, look for larger, over-sized chairs that are perfect for relaxing in while still adding just the right look to the room. Smaller chairs may fit well in your dining room or office. Whatever chairs you need, Horizon Home Furniture is the place to look!  
  • Media Cabinets

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    Media Cabinets

    Media Cabinets are one of the fastest growing segments of our business, and for that reason, we carry a great selection. Horizon is well known for setting the pace and being the first to carry new segments over the years. We strive to provide our clients with a fun, comfortable environment. Our clients appreciate the dedication we have engaged to identify great pieces from around the world. We are opportunistic buyers which means we say no to more items than we say yes to. If we can't deliver our products at prices that our clients have come to expect, we won't acquire the piece.
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    We have a great selection of Desks and Writing Desks for living and bedroom spaces. At Horizon Home Furniture in Atlanta, our buyers scour the world to find unique pieces available at incredible prices. We have a great selection of writing desks for your home office. Check out our custom made Live Edge Desks.
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    Shelves / Storage Cabinets

    You'll find a big selection of storage cabinets, Modern storage cabinets, Shec cabinets and Designer cabinets styles. You might find a gem in our amazing collection, as well as excellent prices on storage bins and trays. Cabinets Shelves and Display Units and Shelves provide the fine tuning to your favorite living areas. We provide a vast, eclectic selection of modern, industrial, and traditional cabinets Display Units and Shelves. Best of all most of our Storage cabinets and Shelves are so unique, you wont find anywhere else. Give your bedroom a fresh new look with a these beautiful dressers and chests. A wide variety of styles, sizes and materials allow you to easily find the perfect piece for your home
  • Benches, Ottomans & Poufs

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    Benches, Ottomans & Poufs

    At Horizon Home Furniture replace the faithful coffee table with one or two ottomans. However, while it’s definitely considered to be a great way to enhance the look of your home and add a touch of elegance to it, you need to make sure that you’re doing it right. We have a wonderful selection of Ottomans, Benches , and poufs! An elegant, well put together room awaits you.
  • Tables (56)

    Wide Variety of Tables

    Looking for unique cocktail tables and/or end tables to serve as the statement pieces for your living room? We have many special pieces worthy of starring as the centerpiece for your space, including one-of-a-kind designer production samples, hand crafted live-edge tables, petrified wood, industrial chic, carved, ceramic, stone, and more. We specialize in finding beautiful, unique home furnishings and accessories, and bringing them to you at prices that can always compete with, and usually beat, online prices. Did I mention that we usually beat online prices? Our clients say when they leave they aren't taking a piece of furniture home, they are taking home a piece of art. We'll help you price shop and we guaranty you'll like what you find at Horizon Home in terms of design, quality and price. Come see us today for your design inspiration.
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    Huge Inventory of Consoles

    At Horizon Home Furniture we understand how important it is to create just the right look in every room of your home. To help you get that correct color, style and look, we offer in-house design services and can help you find the perfect console for your room. Enjoy browsing our Westside Atlanta showroom (and warehouse) for our wide variety of classic, transitional and modern classic consoles and home furnishings. To help you enjoy your new living room furniture in Atlanta right away, we provide 24 hour delivery service and ensure that your furniture will be delivered to your home quickly, easily and in perfect condition.

Living Room Furniture

Horizon Home Furniture offers a huge selection of premium brand, unique living room furniture at huge discounts. We offer a large selection of the best known furniture brands, all at outlet prices. We have been supplying unique, one of a kind furniture and assisting with home interior design for the most discriminating clients in Atlanta for decades.

New Shipments Arrive Daily

Because we have one of the largest showrooms inside the Atlanta perimeter, we are able to purchase multiple containers of furniture at substantially lower prices than the competition.  We scour North America, Europe and Asia to find lesser known, up and coming, high quality manufacturers with distinctive designs. We offer many brands of sofas, sectional sofas, and couches in various styles, colors, fabrics, and leathers. We have a large selection of contemporary and industrial consoles, desks, tables, media cabinets and ottomans. We are proud of our eclectic one of a kind pieces. Visit our 40,000 square foot Atlanta showroom. When it comes to purchasing living room furniture in Atlanta, we can help you turn your home into your own unique retreat, at unbelievable prices.

Living Room Furniture