What is Live Edge Furniture?

Live edge furniture has become a household name around the home design world! Contemporary, Rustic, to Mid-Modern designs Live Edge Furniture can be appealing in anyones home. Want to know more about the history of this beautiful style? Read on for what exactly live edge furniture is, some of the history, and how to incorporate this style into your home.

What is Live Edge?

Most wood is cut and smoothed into squared-off corners and clean lines for tables, benches, counters, and more. Live edge furniture is cut to the desired thickness, and then the rough edge is left natural and not made smooth or symmetrical. Wood that might be unsuitable for traditional projects is embraced when making pieces with a live edge; and burls, knots, and other imperfections are incorporated into the overall design of the piece. Only the bark is removed, but the shape and movement of the tree is preserved. The result is a beautiful piece that adds an organic design element into your home.The live edge furniture mentality circles around three main elements: nature, craftsmanship and simplicity. The beauty of the wood is preserved, and the flow of the grain is exposed to provide a great contrast to any sleeker, modern elements in the home. Because live edge furniture preserves the natural beauty of the wood, no two pieces are alike. Incorporating live edge furniture into your home allows you to have a one-of-a-kind piece that you won’t see at your friend’s house, or anywhere else. If you are drawn to natural elements in your home, live edge furniture is a great way to bring the outdoors inside, and to showcase the beauty of natural wood.


The tradition of live edge furniture was made popular the 20th century by furniture maker George Nakashima. Influenced by Modernism, the Arts and Crafts movement, Shaker design, and Japanese design, Nakashima had a deep respect for natural beauty that shone through his furniture pieces. He was trained as an architect, but while imprisoned in a internment camp in World War II he was mentored by a Japanese woodworker. This time influenced the rest of his career, and his relationship to the woods he used. His philosophy guided his furniture making, embodying the belief that: “Trees have a yearning to live again, perhaps to provide the beauty, strength and utility to serve man, even to become an object of great artistic worth.” This appreciation for each tree led him to showcase the natural beauty, imperfections and all, that is inside each tree. Instead of looking for uniformity, he celebrated each individual tree: There is drama in the opening of a log: to uncover for the first time the beauty in the bole of a tree hidden for centuries, waiting to be given this second life. Cutting logs entails a great responsibility, for we are dealing with a fallen majesty. There are no formulas, no guidelines, but only experience, instinct and a contact with the divine. Nakashima paired his natural, untamed wood tops with clean-lined bases, combining the natural and modern aesthetics into unique, beautiful furniture. While other furniture makers were getting caught up in mass-produced, uniform furniture, Nakashima went against the current trends and really embraced the natural beauty each tree contained. Even though Nakashima passed away in 1990, his legacy lives on in Horizon Home Furniture’s live-edge collection.

Horizon Home’s Live Edge Furniture

At Horizon Home Furniture we continue the beautiful tradition of natural wood that showcases the original beauty of each tree. We are proud to carry these amazing pieces alongside our other great finds for living room furniture, dining room furniture, and more in Atlanta! While live edge furniture can use any wood, Horizon Home Furniture usually designs pieces made with planks found in the Southeast and Mid-Atlantic. The most common types of wood tend to be maple, walnut, and pine, with cedar, oak, poplar, and pecan also used frequently. These unique planks, and salvaged wood are not suitable for traditional furniture pieces, but are perfect for live edge furniture. We employ local craftsmen, who make our live edge pieces in-house, and this has made us the leaders in Atlanta for live edge pieces. Some artists choose to expose the cracks and gaps in the wood, leaving unique openings. Others fill these voids with resins, which can be colored to add to the overall design of the piece. You can come and browse our selection, and even talk to our designers to create a piece that fits your home exactly. If you want something unique, that guests will always comment on, you need a unique live edge piece from Horizon Home Furniture!


Are you wondering where you could use a live edge furniture piece in your home? There are so many options! Every room could benefit with the beauty of natural wood, check out some of these ideas:

Dining Table

A dining room is dominated by the dining table, and having a showstopping piece really makes a difference.The beauty of the grain patterns and other naturally-occurring characteristics that are particularly noticeable in our custom live edge dining tables will add unique beauty to your dining room. We have many styles available, or you can design your perfect table with one of our craftsmen! You and your guests will love eating at a live edge table, where every seat places you by different elements of the beautiful wood. A great conversation piece is a live edge dining table!

Console Table

console table can be used anywhere, but in the living room it is especially popular. Consider pairing a dark, burled, live edge console table with a crisp, white or cream sofa for a great dramatic contrast. A console table is also great in an entryway, and can make the place you put your mail or keys a great design element in the home.

Coffee Table

The center of many living rooms is the coffee table, and these tables can see a lot of use! A live edge table gives you a unique focal point in your living room, and brings the natural beauty of the outdoors into your home. Consider a unique coffee table to add drama to your living room.


A bench offers another long edge that is perfect left raw and organic. Smoothed to a beautiful finish, a live edge bench doesn’t need to be rough to showcase the natural beauty of the wood. Great for a bedroom, a living room, or paired with a dining table, a bench is a great piece to consider in a live edge style.


One way to get your work done, and love spending time in your home office, is to have a beautiful desk. Choosing a live edge desk will give you a unique place that you will love to return to, and all of your daily tasks become more special when you have the dramatic backdrop of natural wood.


Another unique idea is to craft a one-of-a-kind bar with a stunning live edge. Spruce up your drink making station with the beauty of wood, and provide a serving space that really adds interest to your home. A live edge bar gives you the space to really highlight the natural beauty and interest of your chosen wood. What are you waiting for? You need to head over to Horizon Home Furniture and check out our amazing selection of live edge furniture! If you don’t see exactly what you want, one of our skilled craftsmen can make you the piece of your dreams! The history of live edge furniture is steeped in a respect for each individual tree, and honors the tree even after it has ceased to stand: “And, finally, when time and weather bring it down, its body offers timber for our houses and boards for our furniture. The tree lives on.”

A Bench For Every Room

Benches serve the utilitarian purpose of seating, obviously, but they are quickly becoming a sought after design element for almost every room in the house. If you are looking to fill an awkward space, provide seating or room for display, or add visual weight and depth to another furniture piece, benches are a great solution. At Horizon Home Furniture we stock a large variety of benches, ottomans and poufs, and we are getting in new truckloads of furniture all the time! We serve the Atlanta area, and love to help people find amazing living room, bedroom and dining room designer furniture at outlet prices. Read on to see if your home could use a bench!

Dining Room

The dining room can be a great place for a bench! A bench can provide more seating, and you can use beautiful upholstered benches in place of chairs at your dining room table. Using a bench instead of chairs gives a clean, streamlined look; the benches can be pushed completely under the table and disappear. This allows whatever decor you have on your table to really shine, and highlights a great table centerpiece. Benches are also great as extra seating, and if you have an expandable dining room table you know that extra seating is nice, but lugging chairs to and from the dining room isn’t. A bench, or a few benches, placed strategically at the edges of a dining room can make extra seating within arm’s reach. Using benches at the edges of the room can also fill in empty spaces, and make a boring dining room space more interesting. Whether you need seating at your dining room table, are always needing extra seats for guests, or have an empty space in your dining room, consider using a bench!


A bedroom might seem like it has no use for a bench, but think again! A great trend in bedroom design utilizes a bench at the foot of the bed. When you choose an upholstered bench, this makes your bed appear larger, and more of a grounded focal point in the room. Of course, a bench in the bedroom also can provide seating, and can be a great place to take a quick break. A bench on a wall of the bedroom can be a place to store extra blankets or throw pillows, and using a boldly patterned blanket or pillow can add design into your room. A low bench can also be a great base for an assortment of plants, to bring some green into your bedroom! Use your imagination, and see where a bench could fit in your bedroom!


A bench in the bathroom? Yes! A bench can get a lot of use in a bathroom: as a place to stack towels, or as an extra seat. If you have a large bathroom, you may have space for an upholstered bench, but if you are worried about moisture, wood is the way to go. Horizon Home Furniture has a great selection of both upholstered and wood benches, and a live edge bench can really make a statement in your bathroom! We are Atlanta’s source for live edge furniture, and we employ local craftsman to make truly special pieces.

Coffee Table

A bench can serve as a coffee table in your living room! Especially if you are limited on space, a bench is a great substitution for a bulky table. Consider a wood bench if you are often needing a place to put food or drinks; this will provide stability and an easy to clean surface. If you love to put your feet up after a long day, an upholstered bench or ottoman gives you a comfortable place. Another great benefit of using a longer, rectangular bench, is the scale it provides to balance a long sofa. A short, square coffee table can oftentimes look too small next to a large sofa, and using a long bench can give your living room great design.

Behind the Sofa

A bench can also be placed behind the back of a sofa to give a spot to incorporate some decorative items into your living room. Using a bench like a console table, you can place plants, lamps, and more behind your sofa to spruce up an empty space. A bench behind a sofa can also provide additional seating, and can define a separate seating area. In addition to going behind a sofa, you can also use benches in place of a sofa, paired with chairs or other seating. Especially if you have a small space, a bench can give seating options without crowding an already small room. Look around your living room to see if a bench is the perfect design element that is missing.

Window Seat

A bench under a window, paired with a cushion or some pillows, can instantly transform the space into a window seat. If you have a window that needs nearby seating, a bench can provide low seating without obstructing the view. If you have a long row of windows, placing several benches next to each other can make one long bench that packs some serious visual punch. Any room can use a window seat, if you have a blank space near a window, consider turning a bench into a window seat.


A more common use of a bench is in an entryway or mudroom. A bench provides the perfect place to take off or put on shoes, and can spruce up a bland entryway. Benches are great for sliding baskets under, to store shoes, hats, sports equipment, or anything else that needs corralling in your entryway. Whether you choose a sleek, modern bench, or a comfortable upholstered bench, bring storage, seating and design into your home with a bench in the entry.


Do you have a party or other gathering coming up that you plan to host outdoors? Benches can provide great, easily portable, outdoor seating and surfaces for food and drinks! If you choose a durable wood bench, such as teak, your bench can stay outdoors and handle some of the elements. An upholstered bench will need to be pulled in after your event, but most benches are lightweight and easy to move. Your backyard will look suddenly elegant and pulled together with the addition of benches, and your next party will have all of the seating and tabletops it needs! So what are you waiting for? You have surely thought of numerous places in your home that could use a fabulous new bench, now head to Horizon Home Furniture in Atlanta to find great benches for your living room, dining room, bathroom, bedroom, or any other place you can think of! Benches are one of the most versatile pieces of furniture, and we have many options for you to choose from—shop today!
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