Different bed designs

Creating a Bedroom Sanctuary

Your bedroom should be a place of tranquility, relaxation, and, of course, sleep. If your bedroom doesn’t feel like a restful zone, it may be time to reimagine your layout, colors, and your furniture. If you need some great ideas for bedroom furniture in Atlanta, come wander Horizon Home’s expansive showroom to find your perfect pieces. We are constantly getting new inventory, and our furniture is unique, affordable, and perfect for your bedroom renovation. Stop in to see why we were rated Atlanta’s Best Furniture Store 2017! Read on for some great tips on how to get your bedroom feeling more like a sanctuary.


If there is too much stuff in a room it can be hard to reach a place of relaxation. If you are always worried about the stuff everywhere, you can’t fully enjoy your bedroom. Clear out the clutter, and create a blank canvas that you can work with to create a tranquil bedroom space. This includes any broken items, items that belong in different rooms, and items that you don’t really love. Clear out the clutter, and get ready to enjoy your bedroom more!

Remove Digital Devices

To fully relax, most people need to be fully unplugged. TVs, computers, and even mobile devices have been shown to keep the brain stimulated and awake. If you are wanting to create a zone that is restful, eliminating digital devices is a great start. Reading an old-fashioned book before bed is a great way to unwind and drift away into sleep.

Use a Calm Color Palette

Paint can make a huge difference in any room, and the bedroom is no exception. If your bedroom is painted a loud, bright color you may want to tone it down a bit with a calmer color. Neutrals, like a warm white or a soft gray, are a great bet when painting your bedroom walls. Stark white is usually a little too harsh in the bedroom. Going a bit darker will also create a cozy feel, and envelop the room. Darker colors will usually make a room seem smaller, and lighter colors will make it seem more expansive. Choose a color palette you love and one that you will enjoy waking up to every morning.

Warm Lighting

If the only light in the bedroom is one ceiling bulb, you are not achieving the best atmosphere. To really make your bedroom cozy and inviting, various light sources should be used, and especially lamps. Lamps create a warm glow that encourages unwinding, unlike a brighter, harsher light on the ceiling. Lamps near the bed also make it more convenient to turn off the lights when you are ready to sleep, and you won’t have to get up and interrupt whatever sense of calm you have achieved. The perfect lamps need the perfect side tables, and Horizon Home furniture has a great selection of nightstands that can make your bedside even better.

Incorporate Natural Items

Plants are a great way to bring natural beauty into your bedroom, and they have the added bonus of purifying the air! Plants bring the outdoors inside, and can create a serene and inviting space. Other natural items, such as rich woods, shells from a great trip, or even photographs of amazing natural wonders, can all contribute to making your bedroom a sanctuary. Many people find images of the sea or the clouds especially calming.

A Comfortable Bed

The focal point of your bedroom should be the bed, and you want to have the most comfortable bed you can find. Horizon Home Furniture has an amazing selection of beds to choose from, and you are sure to find one that gives you a feeling of tranquility. If you have a smaller bed, consider upgrading to a queen or a king size, and you will find that the added space makes for a more luxurious sleeping environment. After you have chosen a great bed you want to find the softest bedding you can, and an assortment of textures and soft colors always makes a bed more inviting. Finally, don’t neglect the place you lay your head—your pillow. The perfect pillow can really make a difference in your sleep quality, and will make your bedroom seem even more inviting.

Room Darkening

Keeping your bedroom dark can really help it feel more like a sanctuary, especially if it gets bright first thing in the morning. If you can sleep in a bit, take advantage of room darkening shades to help keep the light out and encourage more restful sleep.

Create Atmosphere

Surround yourself with items you love, and especially focus on any spaces that are visible while lying in bed. Candles can create a tranquil mood in the room, and help you unwind after a long day. Essential oils can bring natural scents into the room, and certain oils, like lavender, can help to bring relaxation and have a calming effect. If you have wood floors, consider layering soft rugs beneath your bed so you can step onto a soft surface every morning. Every detail you add can help turn your bedroom into a sanctuary. Hopefully you have some great ideas on how to turn your bedroom into the sanctuary you have always wanted. Horizon Home Furniture in Atlanta is here to help, with a large selection of bedroom furniture for you to choose from. Shop our beds, dressers, nightstands, and mattresses to find the pieces that will complete your bedroom. Turning your bedroom into a sanctuary can give you the relaxation and rest you deserve.
Different dining table designs

Choosing the Perfect Dining Table

A dining table is a large piece of furniture that will dictate the look and feel of your dining space. Of course you want your table to be functional, but you also want something beautiful that you will be happy to sit down at day after day. Horizon Home Furniture in Atlanta has an amazing selection of unique dining tables at great prices! Read on for some tips on picking the perfect table, and stop in to our Atlanta store to browse our inventory!


First things first, you have to decide on the size of dining table you need. For most people, their dining space will be the determining factor for how big of a table they can fit. Measure your space and allow for 42â€-48†between the table edge and the wall. This will leave enough room to comfortably push out your chair and maneuver around the table. Allow for this same amount of clearance between the table and any other furniture in the room, such as a buffet. Even if a table will physically fit in a space, does it seem to work visually? A great way to visualize the table in your space is to use a sheet or blanket folded to the same size as your prospective table. Lay it in your room and see how it looks with the other furniture and features of the room. Once you know what size table will fit, and look best, in your dining area, you can move on to other (more fun!) considerations.

Number of Seats

So you have a dining room that can accommodate a large table—great! You should also evaluate how many chairs you will need on a regular basis around your table. If you have a large family, or if you are frequently entertaining, you will need space for a lot of chairs. Some dining tables have a large top, but the way the legs are configured leaves very little space for chairs. Each diner will need about two feet of eating space to feel comfortable and not cramped. Make sure that the table you choose will be adequate for the number of chairs, and the size of chairs, you plan to pair it with. Some tables are expandable, and can be extended from a small circle into an oval shape that can seat 12 or more guests. If you need the flexibility of sometimes hosting a larger group, an expandable table is a great choice for you. You will also want to consider where you will store any extra, unused chairs.


So you know what size table you are looking for, and how many seats you need, now you should consider the shape. Rectangular is the most common table shape, with square, round, and oval following in popularity. A rectangular table works well in a long, narrow room and leaves space for traffic flow. Many tables get wider as they get longer, so look for something that will fill, but not crowd, your dining space. Typical rectangular dining tables will accommodate 4 diners at 4 feet long, around 8 diners at 7 feet long, and up to 12 diners around 10 to 11 feet long. A rectangular table can be ornate and traditional, or have very clean lines and work great with a modern aesthetic. A round table works great for a smaller space, and eliminates having sharp corners to bump into. Because there are no corners, more people can fit around a smaller round table than a rectangular one. Some rooms are perfect for a round table, and if you choose a pedestal base you add in even more legroom. While round tables are great for small spaces, a really large round table makes a great statement piece. If you go large with a round table you may want to consider adding in a lazy susan to the middle so that it is easier to pass and reach food. Square tables, like round tables, put all of the diners at equal distances from each other and can make for a more intimate dining experience. Square tables in a square room can look great and really complement the space. There are other shapes as well, such as hexagonal or octagonal, or even triangular! While some of these look unique and interesting, you ultimately need to consider how functional they will be for sitting at and dining.

Live Edge

If you really want to step out of the box and have a truly original dining table, a live edge piece is the way to go. Horizon Home Furniture is Atlanta’s number one source for live edge furniture, and each piece is truly unique and unlike any other. Our live edge tables can have burls, knots, and wavy edges that are special and beautiful. A live edge table can be made to your specifications, and you can create the perfect size table for your needs. Check out our amazing selection of live edge furniture today!


Choosing a material for your dining room table will depend on the style you are going for in your dining area. A deep, dark wood conveys a classic, traditional feel, while a slick glass topped table may be more at home in a modern dwelling. A zinc-topped table is great in an industrial space, while a table with rich woodgrain can add interest and warmth to a dining space. If you are eating three meals a day at your table, make sure it has a durable surface that can be easily cleaned. Different table materials can really change the look of your room, and if you are going for a light, airy feel make sure to stick to whites and light woods. If your dining space can handle something dark and dramatic you can choose a darker wood, or a metal or concrete look.


Most dining tables come at pretty standard heights, but there can be some variations, and an inch lower or higher can make for an uncomfortable dining experience. Try out your table and preferred chairs in person to see if they are comfortable, and at the right height for dining. Some dining tables come in a counter-height that can be great for delineating a dining space from the surrounding room. These tables are usually difficult for small children to navigate, so think of how different height tables will work for your lifestyle. Now that you are armed with some guidelines, you are ready to pick out a great table! Horizon Home Furniture in Atlanta has an amazing selection of great dining room tables, and dining room sets, and our inventory is constantly changing! Come visit our showroom to find a table that is the perfect size, height, color, and material!
different pieces of furniture

Making the Most of Your Space

How to Make Your Small Living Room Feel Larger

If your living room feels cramped, dark or crowded, you may not need to knock out a wall just yet. Hold the sledgehammer, and try some of these tricks that can make your room seem larger, and give you more usable space. The right furniture pieces can transform a crowded living room into an airy, open space. And Horizon Home Furniture in Atlanta can help. As a top provider of intermediate to high end furniture at outlet prices, Horizon has remained one of Atlanta’s top furniture sources for designers and home-owners for over 16 years. Visit our 40,000 square foot showroom/warehouse in Atlanta’s Design District and let us become your source for designer furniture brands at unbeatable prices (we are often below wholesale, and typically 15-35% lower than the lowest internet prices). See for yourself why we were named one of the “Best Furniture Stores in Atlanta 2017â€.

How to Easily Identify the Right Size Furniture

If your gigantic sofa is dwarfing the rest of your living room, it may be time to reconsider the scale of your furniture. There are plenty of other options for living room furniture, such as a smaller scale sofa, a loveseat, or several comfortable, coordinating chairs. Don’t feel you must have a large sofa in your living room to provide seating and style. Conversely, having too many small furniture pieces can make a space feel cluttered and messy. It’s always best to optimize space by first starting with a floor plan. Horizon Home Furniture can help you with that very easily and has a great selection of attractive and comfortable sofas and chairs, so you are sure to find something perfect for your small living room. Ask about some of our favorite picks for the Tiny Homes community we are furnishing in Tallahassee.

Consider a Neutral Palette

If your walls are dark, consider painting them a light, neutral color to open up your living room and make it visually larger. Coordinating your furniture with the walls, and keeping everything in a light, neutral palette, can help keep the eye moving around your living room and give the illusion of more space. When you use neutral furniture pieces, you can go more daring with the accessories and art!

Use Mirrors

Mirrors really can make a big difference in a small living room. Many designers adhere to the mantra that every room needs a mirror. This especially rings true in a small space. A mirror across from a window can bounce the natural light around the room and brighten up everything. A large mirror also gives the illusion of more space, visually opening up your living room and making it appear larger. Mirrors are easy to install, inexpensive, and have a great visual impact.

Visually Light Furniture

No matter the size of your furniture, avoiding skirted, low to the ground pieces can open up a small living room. Sofas and tables that sit on thin legs (midcentury styles are great for this!) make a small crowded room seem bigger. At Horizon Home Furniture, we have a huge selection of sofas, tables, benches and chairs that can visually lighten up your living room.

Versatile Furniture

If your living room is really small, you will want each of your furniture pieces to be extremely hardworking. Hidden storage in a bench or coffee table gives access to blankets or TV remotes. A pouf can double as seating or a small side table. A console table is a great option for a surface to put mail, and can also serve as a small desk. Use your imagination to get the most out of each living room furniture piece you choose. Visit our Facebook page to keep updated on our Tiny House reveals.

Draw the Eye Upward

Hanging your curtains near the ceiling, painting trim the same color as walls, and painting the ceiling a contrasting color, or installing floor to ceiling bookshelves, can all help draw the eye upward and open up the space. If a living room is small, utilizing the full ceiling height can help make the space seem larger.

“Float†Your Furniture

Pulling your furniture away from the walls, and floating it somewhere in the center can open up a small living room. Instead of crowding all of the furniture along the edges, and leaving space in the middle, floating your furniture gives more space at the edges of your room, and can create more visual and usable space. Try out different furniture arrangements (again, doing this on paper or letting our in-house designers help you with this - all at no charge) will help you see what configuration gives the most space. In any case, don’t despair! There is no need to completely remodel, when choosing the right furniture and arrangement can have such a big impact. Visit Horizon Home Furniture in Atlanta to shop our amazing selection of living room furniture, and furniture for your entire home. With our designer brands, huge selection, and outlet prices, you are sure to find the perfect pieces to open your living room up today!  
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