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How to Achieve Great Home Furniture Design

What determines great home furniture design? Is it self-expression? Is it following trends and fashion? Is it drawing attention or making things feel natural? Is it finding balance or creating asymmetry? Is it about following rules—this lines up with that, this pattern with that color—or is it about breaking them? Great stylish home furniture design can be all of these things. But none of them get to the heart of the issue. What design boils down to is a bunch of decisions. You need a couch—what color? You need a table - what kind? What size? Where do you put it? Do you need chairs? How many? What material? Each answer leads to a whole host of other decisions that need answering. The way I see it, style is what informs the decision making process. It’s a pattern of thinking. For some, the color of the couch should match the tiles; it should be built with gentle curves and upholster in soft wool; it should face towards the window. For others, the couch should clash with the tiles; give it a sharp, angular design, and face it away from the window—the focus of the room. Both approaches can work, and they can both make for stunning design. Awesome home furniture design requires a vision. It doesn’t have to be specific—just a desired emotion or feeling that you want the room to convey. And then you need to make every decision with that vision in mind. So what about bad style? You might see an ugly room and say it’s too “busy.†But “business†is all relative. What’s busy in one room could be sparse in another. The same goes for any other adjective. Bad style is really just inconsistent decision making. Sometimes it comes from a lack of vision. Often it comes from insecurity. This is too much. This is not enough. People second-guess themselves. There’s no way around it: good style takes confidence. But that’s just the theory. In practice, to have good style you also need to be a good shopper. Ask any decorator for her greatest ally, and if she’s honest, she’ll talk about her favorite store. For many, that store is Horizon Home Furniture in Atlanta. We’ve got all your bases covered: beds, dressers, tables, chairs, rugs, accessories… you name it. We carry a wide variety of tasteful styles, but we’re not afraid to go bold either. So whether you’re building a new home or simply looking to rejuvenate your old place, Horizon Home Furniture will have something for you. Everything is built to the highest quality and you’ll love our competitive prices. Visit our showroom or shop our online store for the best contemporary furniture Atlanta has to offer.

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