Furniture Shopping Tips (Part I): How to make buying furniture a pleasure

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Part one of our series on furniture shopping tips addresses how to streamline the shopping and buying processes whether making purchase decisions on your own, with a partner or partners, or even with the help of a designer.

So how can you make furniture shopping a pleasure instead of a dreaded task? Few people enjoy furniture shopping; frankly, most don’t and the reasons are fairly straightforward. Never mind that the majority of us aren’t schooled in design, so the task of interrelating seemingly limitless styles, shapes and sizes with each other to turn a space into a cohesive, inviting room can be daunting in and of itself. The sheer number of decisions can be overwhelming. And for those who have a hard time making decisions in any case… well, the stress only builds.

Just hire a designer you say? Not so simple, even for those who can afford one. It can be difficult to let go of what may serve as the single most personal expression of your own signature style. However, we do have a simple suggestion to get you started down the right path. Plan your space on paper, even basic rooms. This will help you optimize the furniture size and placement within your room, reduce buyer’s remorse, and greatly simplify the decision making process. Your confidence, your stress level and your ultimate decisions will all improve greatly. In planning the space, really think about how you will most enjoy using the room, and what would draw you to use the space as envisioned. Then find some inspiration photos of rooms or parts of rooms that you love. This will get you grounded. If you want help with your space plan, Horizon Home Furniture offers that service at no charge.

Remember to make the room you are working on flow with adjacent rooms. This will make your entire home feel more spacious, calming and seamless. Eclectic, or a collected look, is definitely trending, but this can come with its own set of challenges. Stay grounded by starting with your anchor pieces (pieces that you do not plan to replace in the foreseeable future), make sure they work together, and as you introduce a new piece of furniture, a rug, or an accessory, keep referring back to your anchors. If an item doesn’t make you happy where it is, move it or lose it. Your home should be your own unique personal retreat.

That brings us to the next challenge. How do you find unique items so that you can distinguish yourself from your friends, neighbors and peers who all seem to shop at the same handful of stores? There are many ways to do this, including online shopping, consignment stores, and stores like Horizon Home Furniture in Westside Atlanta, where we buy from numerous manufacturers. What makes Horizon unique is that we buy opportunistically, always on the hunt for beautiful things at beautiful prices. Whether importing containers of carefully chosen imports, curating samples from furniture market showrooms, buying production samples (sometimes landing us one-of-a kind items from top furniture designers), or taking credit returns or returns from designers, Horizon Home works hard to bring you exciting current furniture designs at everyday prices that break the traditional furniture store model. While Horizon will have occasional sales events, name brand items are typically priced 10-45% below the lowest online prices every single day. Special purchases allow Horizon to price most items on the floor at or near wholesale prices. For this reason, you won’t see many big reductions versus everyday already discounted prices.

Can’t find that special piece you’re looking for? Try us. We work with many manufacturers, furniture reps, and designers; and we also make our own live edge wood furniture and have a custom upholstered bed line. Above all, from modern classic to rustic, urban or modern chic, we love helping people create their own special spaces and appreciate the opportunity to do just that.

With Horizon, you finally really do have a friend in the furniture business.


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  1. Furniture shopping can be a chore sometimes, but with the right help I think it can turn into a wonderful task. I think your tip about planning the space out on paper was a great idea! That could help get a good sense of what you would like to see before you go looking. Great tip!

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