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Finish Your Space With Accessories

So you have your perfectly painted room, the best furniture (you must have been shopping at Horizon Home Furniture!), and a great arrangement. Is your room is still feeling boring, bland, and uninspiring? To complete your room you need to finish it with the right accessories that will bring interest, balance, and unique flair to your home. If you are feeling lost with how to add those perfect finishing touches, read on for some great ideas!


When you have spent time decorating the base of your room but have neglected the walls, your room can be lackluster. Artwork and wall decor fill in the blank wall spaces in your room, add in color, and can really put your personality into your home. Do you love bold, black and white photographs? Get one printed and framed in a large size to make a dramatic impact on a whole room. Or group together smaller prints to form a wall of visual interest. Artwork can really make a room, and a dramatic painting can transform a just OK room into something that really wows your guests. Horizon Home Furniture is always getting in new, amazing art and wall decor, so come back often to fill your walls! 


Your room needs to be anchored, and a rug is the perfect vehicle for grounding any furniture pieces and adding in color and pattern. Choose a larger rug than your furniture arrangement to give your furniture the base it needs to really shine. If your room is filled with neutral furniture, consider a brightly colored rug to add in great color and give your room a little more punch. Using a patterned rug can also help add in design interest, and you can choose from a wide range of geometric patterns, traditional designs, and whimsical abstract colors. A rug can make a large visual impact in any room, so choose something that you love to complement your style and your home.


Almost any room can be enhanced with the softness and color that pillows can add. If you have a large, light-colored sofa, an array of boldly patterned pillows can completely change the look, add in depth, and make your room seem more finished. Add in some small patterned pillows to your bed to spruce up plain bedding, and add in pillows to a bench to provide welcoming, comfortable seating. Pillows are a great way to change up the look of your room as well, and a more traditional, classic style can be modernized with a bold, graphic collection of black and white pillows. Think of where you could add in some great new pillows around your home to accessorize and make your rooms anything but boring.


Do you have a beautiful collection that is gathering dust in a closet or basement? Display it! Many collections create visual interest that is unique and adds character to your home. Do you have unique glassware, pottery, or shells you have collected? Or do you have an amazing collection of vintage items that you love to look at but never use? Display them, either on shelves, a table, or in frames to really get to enjoy them and fill in some blank space. A colorful collection of canisters, old watches, vintage cameras, postcards, really anything that you love can look beautiful grouped intentionally in a beautiful display. Plus, no one else will have the same decor as you if you choose to use a carefully curated collection!


Do you want to infuse a stark room with a dose of natural beauty? Plants offer a great way to do this, and add in great color and texture to any room. A huge tree can draw the eye upward in a room with high ceilings, and fill in open space. Smaller plants can be sprinkled throughout a room to add in pops of lush green, and make your space come alive. If your room has a lot of hard lines, and sharp corners, plants can add in natural softness that contrasts great with a lot of new modern styles. Plants make a room come alive, and can be a welcome addition on a cold or gray day. They also pair wonderfully with a bright white interior, and mixing them with natural woods creates a beautiful palette for the modern home. Do you have a corner that could come alive with the addition of a plant? Or a blank wall where you could use a hanging planter system to create a living piece of great natural art? Bathrooms are another great place where plants can thrive in the humidity, and add in some design interest. Even if you don’t have a green thumb, succulents and cacti are widely available and require little more than sunshine and the occasional watering. Along with plants, fresh flowers always add in a punch of color and vibrancy. Tiny bud vases that hold just one or two stems allow you to spread out a bouquet, and add in color all around a room.


Yes, you need lighting to brighten up your space, but even when they are turned off, lamps and lights can make a big design impact. A huge chandelier or pendant light will look just as spectacular during the day, and can create a focal point in an otherwise boring room. Lamps can fill in side tables, buffets, or bookshelves that need some height and interest. Think outside the box, and consider using string lights indoors, or small decorative lights around a plain room. Sconces that are affixed to the wall can serve double duty as lighting and art, and there are many new, interesting designs to choose from.


Yes, books should be read, but they can also make great decor pieces. If you are storing away a huge library in boxes, you are missing out on not only seeing your favorite titles, but a design opportunity. Bookshelves make a room feel warm, lived-in, and comfortable, and the rows of book spines add in color and texture. Bookshelves can line a whole wall, surround a doorway, or lay low beneath a row of windows. Even if you don’t have a massive book collection, a few books stacked on a shelf or a coffee table can look great—especially when a small vase or sculpture is placed on top. Books in the bedroom can not only encourage a great reading habit, but they can fill in blank spaces. Larger books can be displayed or stacked, and might encourage guests to start browsing!


A rectangular room with rectangular windows can start to look a little boring and repetitive. Soften the lines of your windows with curtains or drapes that can add in texture, color, or pattern. Match the existing color scheme in your room or go for something completely different and unexpected. A bold pattern can look great around a window, or an unexpected color can define a room. Hang your drapes or curtains high, near the ceiling, even if your windows are not that big. This will draw the eye up and make your room appear larger. Also hang curtains wider than the window, so they don’t cover the view while they are open and make the window appear larger and more impressive. Thick, heavy curtains can be dramatic, while a sheer, lightweight fabric can add a breezy, airy look to a room. If your windows could use some design, add in curtains to help the look of your whole room.


Mirrors are a great decor item that can add interest and increase the light in a room. A mirror can bounce the light from a window across the room to lighten up a dark corner. A mirror can also fill a blank or awkward space on the wall to pull a room together. Another great way to use mirrors is to choose an oversized one and lean it up against a wall in a boring corner or blank space. Think of mirrors as more than just a way to check your hair in the morning—use them as a great way to add in design to a boring room. Horizon Home Furniture has a great selection of mirrors that are always changing!   So banish boring rooms by layering in accessories! When you want the best selection of designer pieces at outlet prices, you have to check out Horizon Home Furniture! In addition to all of our accessories, we have the best furniture for your living room, dining room, or bedroom—shop our store in Atlanta today!
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Check Out Award-Winning Horizon Home Furniture!

If you have never checked out Horizon Home Furniture, you are in for a treat! Our expansive showroom is filled with unique treasures that aren’t found at your normal, big-box stores. But don’t just take our word for it! Horizon Home Furniture has won many awards over the years that show how much our customers love our store! We are proud that so many people are taking note of how amazing our furniture store is! Read on to see some of our recent awards, and what it is that makes Horizon Home Furniture so special.


We have been ranked on Yelp in the Top 10 Best Furniture Stores in Atlanta, and in the Top 10 Best Furniture Outlets in Atlanta. Out of all the furniture stores in the Atlanta area, what is it that people find so great about us? Here are some of the recent quotes from satisfied customers on Yelp:
  • “Love the eclectic selection...funky, casual, modern, retro, antique, artsy…”
Our selection is so amazing and unique because of the way we acquire our furniture. We don’t have stock items that we reorder again and again, rather, we are able to buy lots of furniture through some of the best manufacturers in the world. Because we are constantly searching for new furniture finds, and buying out showroom samples and returns (that are in perfect condition!). Our selection is much more vast than your typical furniture store, and we are constantly receiving new products to fill our warehouse with amazing finds.
  • “Pure quality that is reasonably priced”
Our amazing furniture and home decor pieces are offered to you at incredibly low prices. Because we have access to buying huge lots of furniture from various special situations that manufacturers encounter, we can buy at an incredibly low price. We pass these amazing deals on to our customers, and we often can beat prices online by 15 to 30 percent or more! Come see for yourself our amazing prices and selection!
  • “This place is a hidden gem”
If you have driven by us and thought we were just another furniture store, think again! We love when our customers get excited after finding us for the first time. Horizon Home Furniture is the only place you can find such amazing deals on quality designer furniture! If you have never visited us, get directions and get ready to fall in love with your new favorite furniture store!


Curbed has been around since 2004, helping inspire and inform people all across the country. Curbed seeks to cover all aspects of creating a home and is “where practical advice meets design inspiration”. To this end, they want to connect people with the best stores that can help to add style and design to their homes. Out of all of the furniture stores in Atlanta, Horizon Home ranks in their Top 10 Best Design and Furniture Stores. Curbed strives to offer unique alternatives to traditional furniture options —they call us one of their “anti-IKEA favorites”. They note our expansive showroom and our discounted furnishings as some of the great features that helped us jump on their exclusive list. Come and visit us yourself to see our great selection of living room furniture, dining room furniture, bedroom furniture and more! We also offer amazing live-edge furniture made by craftsmen onsite! Trust the experts at Curbed when they say that our store is where to go for amazing furniture and home inspiration.


You might have already noticed, but we were also ranked one of the Best Furniture Stores in Atlanta 2017 by Expertise. This prestigious award is given only to the best of the best, and Horizon Home Furniture fits that bill! Here are some of the criteria to be named one of the best by Expertise (from their website):
  • Reputation: A history of delighted customers as a signal of outstanding service.
  • Credibility: Building customer confidence with licensing, industry accreditations, and awards.
  • Experience: Masters of their craft, based on years of practical experience and education.
  • Availability: Consistently approachable and responsive, so customers never feel ignored.
  • Professionalism: Providing customers a seamless experience both online and off.
We are so honored to meet all of these criteria, and continually strive to offer the best furniture and experience to our customers. They also note our more than 15 years of industry experience, which has allowed us to seek out the best sources for our furniture offerings. Expertise hand-picked us out of 143 furniture stores in the Atlanta area! They note that our extensive collection can accommodate everyone: “Busy homemakers, business owners, office managers, interior designers, building contractors, architects, and filmmakers.” The reason we can reach such a broad range of people is through our amazing selection that we bring to you through our unique and widespread connections. Let  us help you find the perfect items for your home today! If you are still reading this, and not on your way to Horizon Home Furniture already, you can see that we provide amazing quality and prices, and that our customers have noticed! To stand out in the Atlanta area takes a special store, and Horizon Home Furniture is proud to be included in so many prestigious lists and awards. We take furnishing your home seriously, and we continually strive to bring you new items for your home at amazing prices. Horizon Home Furniture is truly a unique gem in the Atlanta area that you have to check out for your next home living room furniture, bedroom furniture, or decor purchase!
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